Nick Mason On Pink Floyd's Future - "I Don't Think We're Going To Tour As Pink Floyd Again"

Plus, his take on the Roger Waters/David Gilmour feud.

December 10, 2018

Photo by PA Images/Sipa USA


Nick Mason is gearing up for a new tour with his project Nick Mason's Saucerful of Secrets (you can find more info about his Chicago show here) and spoke with Rolling Stone regarding the current state of Pink Floyd, and the ongoing conflict between David Gilmour and Roger Waters.

Mason is in an interesting position as a neutral party. Not one to pick sides in the fight, Mason was frank about the Gilmour/Waters feud. “It’s a really odd thing in my opinion,” he said. 

He added,

"I think the problem is Roger doesn’t really respect David. He feels that writing is everything, and that guitar playing and the singing are something that, I won’t say anyone can do, but that everything should be judged on the writing rather than the playing.”

Mason doesn't lay the blame solely on Waters citing Gilmour's decision to carry on with Pink Floyd after Waters left in 1985. “I think it rankles with Roger that he made a sort of error in a way that he left the band assuming that without him it would fold,” says Mason. “It’s a constant irritation, really, that he’s still going back to it," he said.

Frustration is a good word to describe Mason's thoughts on the feud, especially at their age. "It would seem silly at this stage of our lives to still be fighting," he said.

While Mason hopes that Pink Floyd will be able to tour again one day, he doesn't think it's realistic and bluntly stated, "I mean, I don’t think we’re going to tour as Pink Floyd again."