Robert Plant On Greta Van Fleet, "There's A Job Somewhere For Him"

Plant does go on to show his appreciation for the band.

September 20, 2018
Robert Plant

Photo: Mads Perch


The Greta Van Fleet/Led Zeppelin comparisons will likely never cease to be made. The resemblance hasn't gotten past Robert Plant.

In an interview with the Louisville Eccentric Observer, Plant was asked whether he's heard Greta Van Fleet. 

"The guys from Detroit? Yeah, he’s pretty good. There’s a job somewhere for him..."  He responded before adding, "but how about Zepparella? Yeah, Louisville, look out for Zepparella. I mean, if ever I could see them play again. My goodness, what a frontwoman"

While it may come across as harsh, it does appear Plant is a fan of the band. Several months ago he was asked by the Detroit Free Press to name up-and-coming bands he appreciates and quickly mentioned Greta Van Fleet adding that frontman Josh Kiszka is "a beautiful little singer."