Tales From The Overnight DJ

From breaking the news of David Bowie's death, digging the depths of the XRT music library, to becoming part of a community, Emma Mac shares stories from the overnight.

September 7, 2018

Tasipas | Dreamstime.com


When you're hosting a radio show from Midnight until 5:30 AM, you're bound to have plenty of stories to share. Emma Mac has plenty and we take a deep dive on the latest episode of Inside The Archives.

Topics include: The tight-knit overnight community (3:00), being on the air when David Bowie died (11:35), growing up as an XRT fan and how the station shaped her music interests (16:25), digging deep into the XRT music library (24:35), growing up in a world where rock isn't the dominant genre (31:00), why Millennials  love soul music (34:10), and more.

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