Thin Lizzy Ticket Stub Uptown Theater 1977

New York Blackout, The King Is Dead, And Rumours Tops The Charts In 1977

It was another exciting return to 1977 on this week's Saturday Morning Flashback, filled with memories like the New York City 25 hour blackout, the debut of Apple 2 computers and the Atari 2600 game console, and the death of Elvis Presley. We also mourned the loss of Ronnie Van Zandt and Steve and...
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Star Wars, Apple II, The King Is Dead And A New Elvis Is Born

This week, we return to the year that Elvis Presley died at 42, Elvis Costello released his stunning debut album and the Star Wars saga began in the middle at a cinema near you. We'll celebrate with terrific long sets of tunes including fiery punk, new wave, art rock and even sounds of a proggy...
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