David Bowie

Here's The First Look Of Johnny Flynn As David Bowie For The Upcoming Biopic 'Stardust'

The film tells the story of his 1971 U.S. tour leading to the birth of Ziggy Stardust.
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NEW YORK, NY - DECEMBER 17: Actor/playwright Lin-Manuel Miranda attends The Cinema Society's screening of "Mary Poppins Returns" co-hosted by Lindt Chocolate at SVA Theatre on December 17, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Mike Pont/Getty Images for Lindt

Listen to Lin Manuel Miranda's Analysis of "Under Pressure"

We know that David Bowie and Queen's collaboration "Under Pressure" is a modern day feat of music, as demonstrated by the release of Freddy Mercury's isolated vocals from the song, which you can hear below. But hearing it analyzed by another musical genius, Lin Manuel Miranda, takes it to another...
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David Bowie Barbie Doll Created for 50th Anniversary of 'Space Oddity'

Mattel has come up with an out of this world Barbie in honor of one of the best-known classic rock songs of all-time - and the artist who created it. Introducing the new David Bowie- inspired Barbie. The limited edition doll was inspired by Bowie’s post-Ziggy Stardust creation Aladdin Sane, and is...
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93XRT Show: A Bowie Celebration

A Bowie Celebration The David Bowie Alumni Tour featuring Mike Garson, Earl Slick, Gerry Leonard, Carmine Rojas, Bernard Fowler, Corey Glover and Lee John Friday, February 22 Vic Theatre $36 / 7:30pm / 18 & over
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David Bowie Impersonating Lou Reed, Bruce Springsteen & Others Is The Best Thing You’ll Watch Today

The clip comes from Bowie & Mick Jagger's "Dancing In The Street" Session.
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Gary Oldman Is Narrating The David Bowie Is App

The AR App is due out on January 8th, David Bowie's birthday.
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Recording Console Used by Bowie, Clapton, Zeppelin, and Marley Heads to Auction

Going once! Going twice!
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Musical Universe Without David Bowie or Bob Marley?

I don't want to imagine a musical universe in which David Bowie and Bob Marley never existed. David Bowie opened up our minds to different ways of thinking and being; Bob Marley opened up our spirits to love and tolerance. We need more David Bowie and Bob Marley right now. Today's Friday Feature of...
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A Sequel To David Bowie's 'Labyrinth' Is Underway

It's about time!
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New Noise At Nine

David Bowie Would Approve

David. Bowie. You carry a great responsibility when you decided to cover David Bowie . I gotta tell you, Bones did a killer job keeping " I'm Afraid Of Americans " - Bowie's xxxx collaboration with Trent Reznor - true to the original while leaving their own mark on it. It's one of my fave tunes on...
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