Friday Feature

Guitar with a heart shaped pick.

Friday Feature: Rock 'N' Roll Hearts

Join us as we celebrate Valentine's Day with a special "Rock 'N' Roll Hearts Friday Feature on 93XRT and streaming for free on the RADIO.COM app!
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Summertime. Friday. Two Of The Best Things Ever!

Two of the best things in the universe....Summertime and Fridays....come together for our Sounds Of Summer Friday Feature on XRT.
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When Led Zeppelin Landed In My Bedroom

Let's go back to 1969...
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A Sampler of Celtic Classics About the Emerald Isle

There are places on our planet that have a distinctive musical geography. It is not topography that can be mapped. It is a sonic landscape generated by string and membrane and wood and flesh. It makes the needles on the meters and the peak indicator lights flick and blink, but at it's core, it is a...
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Steve Winwood & The Black Keys: Born In The Blues

Our Friday Feature this week is Steve Winwood and The Black Keys. Different generations. Similar roots. Makes for great music.
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Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam live at Wrigley Field

How Well Do You Know Pearl Jam?

Even the most die hard fans are continually finding out new facts about the band.
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What Brought Ryan Arnold To Tears During Quadrophenia

"Seeing The Who performing Quadrophenia in concert was a bucket list concert for me...I eagerly went. I unapologetically wept."
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When the Fab Four became four Fab Ones

What happens when the world’s most popular and influential rock band breaks up?
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Seasonal Offerings From Friday Feature Star Bruce Springsteen

Storyteller, singer, songwriter, Broadway star, author, able to make his guitar there anything he can't do? Bruce Springsteen is one of rock's most talented and charismatic performers and he has never been known to cheat an honest man or take a hit off a joint. This week, we revel in his...
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Musical Universe Without David Bowie or Bob Marley?

I don't want to imagine a musical universe in which David Bowie and Bob Marley never existed. David Bowie opened up our minds to different ways of thinking and being; Bob Marley opened up our spirits to love and tolerance. We need more David Bowie and Bob Marley right now. Today's Friday Feature of...
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