Keith Richards

Mick or Keith?

June 2019 Geoff Kehoe asks Lin's Bin - Keith or Mick? Where do you land? Keith or Mick? Why do we insist on dividing the indivisible? The head and the heart. Body and Soul Mac and Cheese. Why tear asunder what should only be one? The song credits target them as separate entities. Jagger-Richards...
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What Is The Key To Keith Richards Longevity?

Or in simpler terms, what makes him seemingly immortal?
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What Is The Best Era In Rolling Stones History?

Why the Mick Taylor era is the unanimous choice.
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How To Play Guitar Like Keith Richards

Easily learn your favorite Rolling Stones licks.
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A Timeline Of The Rolling Stones 'No Filter' Tour History

It was a rollercoaster ride, but we finally have confirmation that the Rolling Stones will indeed be taking part in the US portion of their No Filter Tour . While we're waiting for the tour to kick off at Soldier Field on June 21st, let's take a look at the timeline that got us to this point. If...
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Mick Jagger Heart Surgery

Report: Mick Jagger Recovering Well Following Heart Surgery

Members of The Rolling Stones have had Mick Jagger on their mind and are doing their part to keep his spirits high. Ronnie Wood told Hello! Magazine that he and his wife Sally went on a vacation to the Carribbean with Keith Richards and his wife Patti where the duo sent Mick videos of them singing...
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Keith Richards Interview: Lin Talks To The Coolest Guitarist In The Business

The myth is flash and bone. Keith Richards."The human riff." Keef. He walks the stage like a benevolent pirate. His laugh crackles and rumbles like a mine about to cave. His autobiography is so improbable that 500 years from now, people will believe it was a novel. In the spirit of scientific...
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Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones

Keith Richards Discusses The Future Of The Rolling Stones

Richards gives his thoughts on farewell tours.
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The Rolling Stones at the United Center 6/3/2013

An acoustic “You Got The Silver” from Let It Bleed and the gritty and poignant “Before They Make Me Run.” Keith Richards in all his glory.
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The Rolling Stones

EXCLUSIVE: Keith And Mick Share Setlist Secrets + Meet The Rolling Stones!

Which Stones' song sounds better in the dark?
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