Saturday Morning Flashback

St. Helens Gets Hot, Pac-Man Is Born And There's A Miracle On Ice!

America got a new volcano in 1980, Post-it notes helped us stick to our schedule, and Bruce took us down to the River.
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1974 Comes And Goes Again, Leaving Blown Minds In Its Wake!

By Frank E. Lee It took an extra load of exotic matter to pry open the door into the 4th dimension, but 1974 was worth every erg. We enjoyed some 'heyday of Southern Rock' tunes, including a tribute song to the genre, a little bit of metaphysical boogie and stuff that was impossible to classify...
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Scary Carrie, Germans Take Us For A Ride And The Ramones Countdown Begins!

Saturday Morning Flashback, 1974: The year of Stephen King's debut, the Ramones play live for the first time and Kraftwerk invites us for a spin on the Autobahn.
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Frank E. Lee 1979 SMF

1979, The Year We Heard On A Walkman

Once again, we returned to territory that was familiar to some, hazy to others and undiscovered country for still more. In a year filled with political turmoil, invasions and hostage-taking, we focused on the music: a dazzling blend of traditional, jittery new wave, pop classics and every possible...
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Nov 4, 2016; Sun Rise, FL, USA; Stevie Nicks performs at BB&T Center. Mandatory Credit: Ron Elkman/USA TODAY NETWORK

1983 Redux: Sounds Better Every Time!

The internet is born, a cellular call is made, and a mysterious demise is explained.
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Flashback 1983: X Marks The Spot

California punk comes to town, Microsoft Word debuts and a legendary musician dies in the year that gave a song he played on back in the sixties it's title!
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Saturday Morning Flashback: 1992 [Playlist]

Our weekly time trip took us all the way back to 1992 this weekend.
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Unbuttoned Shirts and Snaggle Tooth Rock On This Week's Saturday Morning Flashback

What kind of job requires me to reread Circus magazine from 1972? A good one! It was a busy year for Bowie; the Spiders From Mars album (and tour), of course, but also incredibly successful projects with Lou Reed and Mott. Chicago issued V , their first non-multi disc set. Double albums from the...
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Saturday Morning Flashback: 1985 [Playlist]

Our weekly time trip went back 33 years to 1985.
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Saturday Morning Flashback: 1977 [Playlist]

Celebrating a year filled with an incredible range of dynamic sounds from established bands, newcomers and groups that were a mix of both.
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