Robbie Robertson On What Is Was Like Playing Woodstock

Robbie Robertson vividly recalled the scene at Woodstock as The Band got set to perform in front of half-a-million people.
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Celebrating Woodstock at 50

Woodstock was more than just a music festival, it was a cultural touchstone that has echoed far beyond its own generation. In the decades since it has come to represent ideals now often overlooked or thought out-of-fashion, a testament to togetherness bonded forever through music. Whatever the...
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Woodstock at 50: 7 Performers Who Are No Longer With Us

It has been 50 years since just a few more people than expected made a pilgrimage to the middle of nowhere in upstate New York for Woodstock. By the time the music and arts festival that lasted parts of four days was over, an estimated 400,000+ had unknowingly taken part of history. From August 15-...
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Roger Daltrey of The Who: 'Woodstock Wasn't Peace and Love'

At 5am on Sunday August 17, 1969, The Who took the stage at Woodstock. The festival which became the touchstone for a generation and a symbol of the spirit of the 60s is 50 years old this month, with many looking back on fond memories of the landmark event. Not Roger Daltrey . The frontman for The...
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Woodstock 50 Officially Cancelled

After months of venue changes, legal battles, financial disagreements, and invalid contracts, Woodstock 50 has finally been cancelled. According to Variety , vendors and stakeholders were notified on Wednesday July 31 st that plans for the 50 th anniversary celebration would not be moving forward...
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Woodstock Music Festival co-producer Micael Lang

Woodstock 50 Takes To Instagram To Find Festival Site

Desperate times call for desperate measures apparently.
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Woodstock Music Festival co-producer Michael Lang attends a celebration of the 40th Anniversary of Woodstock

Woodstock 50 Organizers Pushing For New Venue Less Than 70 Days Out From Festival

The likelihood of the 50th anniversary event is growing smaller and smaller.
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5 Iconic Rock Photos And The Stories Behind Them

Often times a photo can tell the entire story. There's certainly no shortage of photographs like that to come across when you're looking at rock & roll's history. Here's a look at 5 iconic rock photos and the stories behind them. 1. The Beatles with Ed Sullivan Considered to be one of the most...
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 Carlos Santana (right) and David Brown perform with the other members of Santana at Woodstock

The Original Woodstock Festival is Being Recreated on 38 CDs

Performances by every act included
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Woodstock Music Festival co-producer Micael Lang attends a celebration of the 40th Anniversary of Woodstock at the at Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Annex NYC on August 13, 2009

Woodstock 50 Reportedly Needs $30 Million To Happen

And they need it by Friday.
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