Star Wars, Apple II, The King Is Dead And A New Elvis Is Born

This week, we return to the year that Elvis Presley died at 42, Elvis Costello released his stunning debut album and the Star Wars saga began in the middle at a cinema near you. We'll celebrate with terrific long sets of tunes including fiery punk, new wave, art rock and even sounds of a proggy...
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Flashback 1993: Beanie Babies Are Born, Jurassic Park Opens And Liz Phair Is Exiled

Join us this weekend as we head back to the Year of Our Frequency: 1993. We'll relive the cuddly time of Beanie Babies, the Bulls third Championship and the stunning and local musical efforts from Liz Phair, Smashing Pumpkins and Urge Overkill. Plus, Lin Brehmer will bring us back up-to-date on...
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A Sampler of Celtic Classics About the Emerald Isle

There are places on our planet that have a distinctive musical geography. It is not topography that can be mapped. It is a sonic landscape generated by string and membrane and wood and flesh. It makes the needles on the meters and the peak indicator lights flick and blink, but at it's core, it is a...
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Rolling Stones

We Toast 1971 Again This Week On Flashback

All the way back to 1971 this week; the year the 4004 Intel microprocessor went on sale, the Who released their synthesizer magnum opus Who's Next and Anthony Burgess' dystopian near future nightmare " A Clockwork Orange" was brought to ultraviolent life by Stanley Kubrick. Enjoy long sets of...
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ChicagoFest, Pac-Man And Hot Saint Helen Get The Decade Started

I worked at three different radio stations in 1980; KZOK in Seattle (where I had a front row seat for the volcanic return of Mt. St. Helens,) KPAS in El Paso (got to go backstage for Alice Cooper) and I wrapped up the year at my current radio home WXRT. (I love a story with a happy ending.) I'll...
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Seasonal Offerings From Friday Feature Star Bruce Springsteen

Storyteller, singer, songwriter, Broadway star, author, able to make his guitar talk...is there anything he can't do? Bruce Springsteen is one of rock's most talented and charismatic performers and he has never been known to cheat an honest man or take a hit off a joint. This week, we revel in his...
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Matthew Houck of Phosphorescent Talks with Jason Thomas Ahead of His Chicago Visit

Matthew and Jason talk about life in New York, Christmas in the summertime, and what it's like to be a dad.
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93XRT Show: Bahamas in Millennium Park

Check out FREE music and movies at Millennium Park this summer! Join XRT on August 6th for Bahamas! For the complete schedule, visit MillenniumPark.org or download the Millennium Park app. Bahamas Earthtones is the newest and totally best album yet from Bahamas, aka me, Afie Jurvanen. I wasn't...
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