Roger Daltrey Says The Who Likely Won't Be Playing Woodstock 50th Anniversary

Count out one of the original artists who played the festival.

January 7, 2019

Photo by Daniel DeSlover/imageSPACE


The Who have an eternal tie to Woodstock having been one of the performers at the iconic festival in 1969. With plans underway for a 50th anniversary celebration, fans can more than likely check The Who off the list of original performers that'll be in attendance.

Speaking with Billboard, Roger Daltrey confirmed his disinterest in playing the 50th anniversary event saying, "nobody's approached us about it [Woodstock>, anyway, but I really wouldn't be interested in something like that."

Even if The Who did get the offer to perform, it doesn't sound like Daltrey would take them up on it. "You can't redo Woodstock because the stars of Woodstock were the audience," he said. "You can celebrate the date, but you can't redo (the festival)."

The timing of the festival wouldn't work either for Daltrey. "August in America is too hot for me to work anymore," he said.