Bono Tells Crowd - "We're Going Away Now"

The U2 frontman had a rather ominous message as the band closed out their tour.

November 14, 2018
U2 rock band frontman Paul David Hewson (Bono Vox)

Press Association


U2 finished up their extensive Experience + Innocence tour in Germany the other night and Bono gave the crowd an ominous message before the band closed out their set.

U2 fan account @U2gigs reports that Bono told the crowd the following just before U2 wrapped up their tour by performing "13 (There Is a Light)."

However, @U2gigs doesn't seem to think this marks the end of the band. Instead, it's been a pattern for U2 fans at the end of most tours.

Back in October, the band sat down for a lengthy interview with UK paper The Times and spoke on the grueling nature of this tour. When asked if U2 had another tour planned, Bono responded,

"I don’t know. I don’t take anything for granted. It’s OK to acknowledge work you’ve done and give it respect, but if it’s the best we can do, then we’re not an ongoing concern.”