Watch U2's First Ever Appearance On TV

A band that is featured on the biggest of stages had the humblest of beginnings, on an Irish public broadcasting channel.

June 21, 2018

© Rob Grabowski /


One of the best parts of YouTube is combing through the archives to find early footage of some of the world's biggest bands performing.

Today's scavenger hunt brought me across this video of a young U2. The band was appearing on Ireland's public brodcaster RTE as part of their Youngline program. Youngline was a weekly magazine show geared towards younger viewers and was the first television program to feature U2.

U2's performance came on March 2, 1978 where they performed the song "Street Mission." However, their performance didn't come under the U2 moniker. RTE notes that the above footage is from a best of program aired in June 1978 where the band was going by the moniker of The Hype. After winning a talent show in Limerick a few weeks later, they changed their name to U2. The footage was edited for the best of program and shows the host Conor McAnally explaining the name change. Appropriately, the band was introduced as U2 for the first time ever on TV.