And The Cubs Said... Let There Be Light!

Celebrating 30 years of lights at Wrigley Field.

August 8, 2018

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports


8-8-88, a day that'll go down in history partly because of its wonderful symmetry. It's also the anniversary of when Wrigley Field turned the lights on for the first time. 

91-year-old Cubs fan Harry Grossman had the honor of turning on the lights and after a countdown of "Three.... Two.... One..." he pressed a button and the lights flicked on for the first time at Wrigley.

Unfortunately, a heavy downpour rained out the game making the first official night game the following evening as the Cubs beat the Mets 6-4.

Nevertheless, it's a day that stands out in Cubs lore. 

Celebrate 30 years of lights at Wrigley Field by watching a few videos from the day below.